Wurmloch (2015). A short movie with 8 directors + one art director (me)

Main characters of Lemon & Duck (2014)

Lemon & Duck (2014)

Poster for Safari Heat (2013).
A clay animation short co-directed with Antti Laakso.

Still from Safari Heat (2013)

Still from Mainoskatko/ Commercial Break (2013).

An episode short film by the members of Turun Anikistit ry.
Every director made a commercial about something close to their heart.
In mine I pay homage to the library of Mikkeli.

Still from Pimeät otukset (2011).

A wall projection animation made by several directors. It was part of the Turku 2011 Capital of Culture year festivities

Still from Pimeät otukset (2011)

Still from Pimeät otukset (2011)


Some animations I’ve done or been part of during the last few years.

Pimeät otukset (2011), Mainoskatko (2013), Safari Heat (2013), Lemon & Duck (2014), Wurmloch (2015)

Turun Anikistit ry